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Walter Golliday ceo.


   Born October 28, 1982 in Chicago Il 

Barber | Computer Engineer | Videographer | Producer | Editor | Bike Engineer | Friend | Brother | Son | King to his Queen

Walter was born to Walter Freeman & Valencia Smith , raised from birth and later adopted by destined parents Primous Everett & Pauline Golliday , who loved, reared and cultivated him into the multitalented loving friend and mentor we know today, With strength forged by pain, seperation of  family, confusion, and bouts of feelings of abandonment  which  were superceeded by a curiousity of all things , a spark of  creative genius began early in childhood  and continues today. His experiences have Morphed him into one of the most methodical thinkers  of our time . Endless research and  countless projects have led him  to the mastering of multiple crafts. Having a profound sense of order and unrelenting work ethic , this fun loving daredevil is revered as a respected leader who thinks outside the box and inspires all around him. Walter is an innovator that improves quality of life to all those he encouters and this is his Walternate-reality.

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"'freedom" a song i co-produced on the sec. half for artist abstrak mind & d2g

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